Peer-reviewed publications

J. Rexer. 2022. "The brides of Boko Haram: Economic shocks, marriage practices, and insurgency in Nigeria." The Economic Journal 132 (645) 1927-1977.

Selected for special issue on the Economics of Conflict

Grossman, G., S. Kim, J. Rexer and H. Thirumurthy. 2020. "Political partisanship influences behavioral responses to governors' recommendations for COVID-19 prevention in the United States." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (39) 24144-24153Op-Ed in USA Today

Working papers

Corruption as a local advantage: Evidence from the indigenization of Nigerian oil (Job Market Paper) Conditionally accepted at American Economic Review

Presented at: World Bank DECRG (2023), Brown (2023), UW-Madison (2023), Yale (2022), NYU (2022), Rochester (2022), World Bank (2021), NBER Summer Institute Political Economy (2021), Barcelona GSE (2021), GLaD (2021), MWIEDC (2021), WGAPE (2021), GSIPE (2021), NBER Development (2020), PACDEV (2020), NEWEPS (2020), YES (2020), AfDB Seminar (2020), CSAE (2020)

World Bank Development Impact, Penn Kleinman Center Insights, VoxDev, CEPR/PEDL Working Paper

Estimating the Economic Value of Zoning Reform (with Santosh Anagol and Fernando Ferreira) Revise and Resubmit at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Presented at: Atlanta Federal Reserve (2021), NBER Summer Institute Real Estate/Urban (2021), Wharton Urban lunch, EUEA (2021), Imperial College (2021), LACEA-LAMES (2021)

VoxDev, NBER Working Paper

Penalties and Premiums in Sovereign Credit Ratings (with Ethan B. Kapstein, Adityamohan Tantravahi, and Fangyuan Yi)  Under Review

Presented at: Princeton Development Finance Workshop (2023)

Pricing Conflict Risk: Evidence from Sovereign Bonds (with Ethan B. Kapstein, and Andrés Rivera) Under Review

Presented at: Georgetown University (2024), NBER Summer Institute (2023), UT Dallas (2023), Royal Economic Society (2023), LatAm Peace Science Conference (2023), DebtCon Princeton (2023), ESOC Lab (2022), WEFIDEV (2022), CESifo Political Economy (2022)

ESOC Working Paper

Violence and black markets: Evidence from the Niger Delta conflict (with Even Hvinden

Presented at: Hebrew University (2022), PACDEV (2021), ESOC annual meeting (2021), Max Planck Institute (2021), DEVPEC (2020), BI Norwegian Business School (2019), Penn Development Research Initiative workshop (2019)

Penn Kleinman Center Policy Brief, CEPR/PEDL Working Paper

Climate change adaptation: What does the evidence say? (with Siddharth Sharma)

Works in progress

Indigenization in the global mining sector (with Erik Katovich and Utsoree Das)

Fuel subsidies with black-market leakage: Evidence from Nigeria

The Urban Gender Premium in Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from South Asia (with Sam Asher, Aditi Bhowmick, Maurizio Bussolo, and Paul Novosad)

Heat, firms, and reallocations in the non-farm sector: Evidence from India (with Siddharth Sharma)

Embankments: Climate beliefs, behaviors, and adaptation (with Ashley Pople, Siddharth Sharma, and Maggie Triyana)

Policy writing

South Asia Development Update, Spotlight: Who bears the burden of climate adaptation and how? April 2024. The World Bank.

South Asia Development Update, Chapter 2: Recruiting firms for the energy transition, October 2023. The World Bank.

Myanmar Economic Bulletin, Trade and Transport: Subnational convergence in Myanmar, 2018. Myanmar Development Institute, Ministry of Finance and Planning.